As a proud Czech based company, we are very pleased that we had the opportunity to work on this project. What are you going to see? Well, from starting point to finish, how we approached our masterpiece. You will see the structured making of the online sales platform implemented directly on the client's website - a big case study in a lot of detail. Let us know what you think.


Torres de Praga is a travel agency focusing on Spanish-speaking tourists - from Spain and Latin America. The company provides many group and private activities and tours, mainly around Prague. Apart from guided tours, they sell concert tickets, theatre entries, provide transportation services, etc.


When the client approached us, they already had an identity, website, and marketing strategy. However, it was inconsistent with their message, and it looked like a very fresh brand, therefore less trustworthy, which was stopping them from growing. The brand identity and the website have been built in text editors or based on free online templates. For sales and marketing, they were using an aggregate website, so their own didn’t actually play such a big role. No matter if a client would come from the aggregate or Torres de Praga directly, they would still make the transaction on the platform. It could often lead to a situation in which information gets mixed up and lost, and the client coming back or someone being recommended the services of the specific company goes to the aggregate and buys something else there.

Our main challenge was to help them become more independent by making a website with their own sales platform and create a strong branding. It had to look trustworthy at least as much as the aggregate website, which is better known and more used. All of it had to be a base for WOMM (word of mouth marketing), help them to get a strong name in the Czech Republic and then be able to expand to different European countries.


Target group

In the age category of 18-30 men and women make an equal amount of reservations, and it's mostly students. In the age category of 30-70, about 60-65% of the reservations are made by women, sophisticated and concentrating on quality over price. We've created 5 personas representing customers from the target group to help evaluate the website, making sure it meets the set goals. Overall the customers are active and modern, but they need the processes to be quick and simple.

The main business goals:

- Becoming independent.
- Creating a good and trustworthy representation of the company.
- Making the customer interested in the purchase by showing them enough relevant information and reviews.
- Making the purchase process quick and easy to support buying behaviour.

The main UX design goals:

- The information must be well represented, easy to find and shown relevantly to the user. Each page should contain only what's important at the specific stage of using the website.
- There has to be a possibility to filter offers by preferences. The user always should have a choice.
- The user must be able to easily make a change (for example, changing a tour after adding it to the cart) and see what they will be paying for on each step on the purchase. It's also important to make the process of giving information quick, without making them fill in too much info.
- The website must have an easily accessible communications channel to help the customers get extra information, and, on the other hand, help the company get more trust through personal communication.

#UX design

As the main part of our UX design process, we did sitemaps, wireframing and a clickable prototype for qualitative testing. Sitemaps are an important step in the human-centered design, needed to create an information structure in which users can easily find what they need. Wireframing is a way to design a website or app at the structural level, based on sitemaps. It's used to layout content and functionality on a page, taking into account user needs and user journeys. It does not include any visual design or other graphic elements that could distract from UX design. Testing helps to see flaws in the wireframe and improve it.

#visual design

We've chosen visuals creating a vibrant experience, with bright colours and friendly illustrations. We decided to keep the orange as the primary colour but added other bright colours: grapefruit red and yellow, to refresh the logo and highlight the modern vision of the brand. For the logo, we chose to use the name of the brand - Torres de Praga, which originally is only the last name of the founder, but in Spanish also means Tower. We used the shape of Prague's most famous tower - Powder Tower.The combination of the details in the visual identity and website creates the right representation for the brand, positioning itself as friendly, active and modern. The identity also helps to make the company memorable.

#UI design

Our UI design process included making a UI kit, which helps the design to be consistent, later combining it with other visual elements, animations, and interactions in a way that follows the hierarchy of the wireframe. For us, the purpose of UI design, above all else, is to deliver content and make a visual sense of well planned out UX. It's how we allow content to communicate through interactions. We've made sure to make all the information and calls to action visible and intuitive, while also aesthetic, pleasant to look at and giving a good experience altogether.


At this stage, we've created e-commerce with an integrated reservation system where users can see offers for different activities, register and buy what they are interested in. Part of it is SEO (search engine optimization) that allows us to sort offers by relevance. The users can work with the shopping cart, choose the time of the event, amount of participants, use discounts. Administrators of the web can add, change or delete the offers. This part is strongly dependant on quality development in order to make a stable and effective system.


This project is, perhaps, one of the most creative ones that we worked on lately. One of our favourites, too. It's bright and brave, full of energy, yet simple and minimalistic.
It shows that whatever target group or goals you have, more modern and creative approach can work well for your company and help create a trustworthy brand. It takes professionals and complex approach, but nothing is impossible.

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