About us

Of course, we like coffee and we spend a lot of time designing great stuff! But that is not what makes us different or unique. We believe that modern work should not look at how it looks today. That is why we are doing it differently!

One of our strongest skills is adaptability. We believe that working in small groups dedicated to one specific project is more efficient than building a huge organization. Blacktag is more like an organism. Therefore, we can adapt and lead our projects to the best outcomes possible.

#full-service software development

Our work is based on lean philo.
We analyse, design, test, develop and test again.
We manage projects.
We do workshops with stakeholders.
All processes are in-house.

UX/UI design
Full stack development
Product design
Business analysis
User testing
Workshops with stakeholders

Some of our clients

We are an implementation
partner of Certisys.

Když jsme zadávali Blacktagu úpravu naší aplikace, tak jsme mysleli, že bude potřeba předesignovat celou aplikaci. Místo toho ale našli klíčové body, které se rychle upravily a problém byl vyřešen. Skvělé! Děkujeme!

Petr Vančura
ředitel Certisys s.r.o.

Blacktag je firma s rodinnou firemní kulturou, ve které přikládají svému řemeslu náležitou péči, a klientův projekt berou jako svůj vlastní. Jejich snahou tak není pokaždé udělat projekt nejrychleji ani nejlevněji, ale udělat v důsledné kvalitě tak, aby se za něj mohli veřejně postavit.

Adam Česlík
Rise by Performance

Why are we here?

We go deep. We make things happen. We design and make sure that your tech interaction is the most compelling experience you ever had. At the same time, we truly care. We focus on making our industry better and trying to bring other companies to another level of thinking.

How do we do it?

We innovate our level of thinking every day by constantly working on ourselves. Each member of our team is the best at something, so we devote the kinds of expertise to this member and truly push each other to better performance and level of thinking. Our team is its own organism, that moves, evolve and constantly changes. This way we can adapt at a rapid pace.

What do we do?

We make the life of every tech-user more effective and simple, to improve interactions between technology, human and nature. We not only design but also develop robust data systems, which are putting our clients in an advantage against their competitors. This way we make sure that every project is on top of the line.

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